8′-6″ Oscar SUP – Punta El Conejo, BCS Mexico.  A perfect opportunity to test the small wave performance of the North Pacific Surfboards 8’6″.  This board rips!  Thanks Art.  Stable enough for me to paddle yet easy to turn for my petite wife.  The STD EPS/Epoxy construction feels light and lively on and off the water.  – Joe –

Oscar SUP – Thanks for getting the plug in the mail so quickly.  Just wanted to let you know that we made it to the coast on Wednesday (80+ on the beach!) and the board was, as cliché as it sounds, everything I was hoping it would be: surfed amazing – loose, yet with enough speed to make sections, and surprisingly stable for its size. I really wasn’t expecting to have a great day, much less get any waves, given that I was dropping 1.5’ of length from my current board. But I didn’t kook out much in the lineup and got into waves fairly easily once I adjusted my take-off position. So first impression is nothing but positive. Don’t hold your breath for pics, Rachel was in the water all day too. It was nice to meet you both on Sunday, thanks for helping with the delivery.  – Eric –

Waterbug Venturi Kiteboard – I am quite surprised with how smooth my new kiteboard is, seems to cut right thru the chop, others were complaining about the chop and I never even noticed it. The Venturi channels seem to make a big difference in holding on my bottom turns and accelerating out of the turn, it’s noticeable. The board is very stable and smooth and yet still “flickable” to hit swell tops and snap around. Had a couple 6m days and one 4m day with good swell so far-this board rocks!  Thanks Art!  Like it so much I ordered a new surfboard too!  – Heather –

Venturi Waterbug Kiteboard – I will attempt to answer what makes the Venturi Waterbug so good that we bought three of them (need a spare in the Baja).  For most kiting the wind makes for rough, choppy water.  The majority of the time the waves are overhead, or smaller.  The Columbia River is a good proving grounds for any kite board with variable conditions as described above and lots of slop and choppy, rough water.  I originally bought a Venturi Waterbug for my wife.  After using it once she insisted I try it.  She was in love with the board.  We have ridden many production boards (and have accumulated quite a quiver), searching for a board that was responsive, quick turning, and smooth in the choppy waters of the coast, the Baja, and the Columbia river.  After the first pass I was pretty sure this was it.  After the end of the day, riding in 30+ mph gusty winds, I ordered another one.  The Venturi Waterbug flys through the choppy waters and feels like it’s on a smooth pond.  Throw it onto a wave face and it smoothly runs the line you want, no drama, no surprises.  Want it to turn fast and hold at the bottom of the turn, fine, it does it. Jumping with it is a joy, smooth takeoffs and it cuts through the air, staying more stable in high winds than any other board I have tried.  The venturi system in the back of the board is definitely different and sure seems to work. While the board will give in a sharp turn, it doesn’t want to slide out, just soften the turn a little.  The science of why it works I don’t know, but wow, it does work well!  – Jon –

8′-10″ Longboard – Art,  This… board… is… awesome.  Customer for life  – Aaron –

5′-6″ Custom Kiteboard – That board works sooo good in light wind I was out at cardiff in 10-12 mph today staying up wind and having a blast.   – Duke –

6′-2″ Bug – Hi.  I bought a North Pacific surfboard from the Gorge shop in Portland.  Bought a 6’2″ Bug tri off the rack.  I’m an older surfer (age 48) but still prefer shortboards.  Been riding it in N California at Crescent City, Humbolt, and San Francisco and having a great time.  This Bug shape is exactly what I needed!  Been looking for a wider shortboard so I could paddle easier but still cut turns like I was 20.  It’s fast down the line without much effort.  It’s also easy to control even at higher speeds.  I’m using JC1 fins.  It’s a great shape, don’t change a thing on it.  – Surf –

Custom SUP – I had a custom board shaped by North Pacific about 2 years ago and I just wanted to acknowledge what a great board it is.   It has been perfect for the North Florida surf and the strength and durability is great.  – Will –

7′-9″ Custom – just put it through it’s paces on good walled up LC beach-break…fast and loose, paddles well, can still shove it under…great add to the quiver…  – Lance –

Custom Sailboard – Hi Art, I finally got out on the water yesterday for my first day of sailing—and my first day with my new board! 4.2 at the Hatchery. I sailed my JP for the first half hour to get back in the windsurfing groove, then hopped on the new North Pacific.  I loved it from the second I got in the straps.  It planed up quickly, smoothed out the chop (which was rather nasty yesterday) and was really fun in the occasional swell that did roll through.  Jibes like a dream, too!  Honestly, I don’t know how you do it.  With just a bit of feedback on what I liked and didn’t like about various demo boards, you created a shape that is exactly what I wanted. Plus as I walked toward the water, two people commented on how beautiful the graphics are 🙂  Thanks for your hard work and wonderful craftsmanship!  I couldn’t be happier.  See you at the beach.  – Tina –

Custom SUP – My custom SUP from you guys is the Best board I’ve ever owned! Any chance of getting yor killer whale stickers ???  – Ken –

Custom Bug Kiteboard – Hi Art, Just hauled my grain-fed soggy ass out of the great ocean and now with 10 sessions on the books, it’s time for some warm and fuzzies.  Have used the board most of November in winds between 22-30 knots.  I’m using the Futures Fins Stretch Quads with your board and they offer a nice balance between positive traction for boosting big boy jumps and sloshy/release when needed in a baby waves.  After 5 years of riding 5’7″ Cabrinha Squads, 6’1″ Squads, and even a 6’3″ Trigger, I now realized I should have put the crack pipe down and given you a call years ago.  Mid-session today, I swapped my BIG BUG with a pal on an SQuad. An hour later I had to chase him down on the water to get my board back and he had a shit eating grin bigger than mine.  All in all, it’s love, love, love.  I am “re-stoked”, yes I said it, to be on the water.  If I can find any poor soul to stand in the wet and wild weather, I’ll send a pic or two.  Thanks for that voodoo you do do so well Art. p.s. Looks like I’ll have to order a 6’3 in the spring, if you can make what will be called the MegaBug, you heard it here first.  – Jeff –

10′-0″ & 11′-0″ His & Hers STD SUPs – Love our custom made SUP’s. Designed and shaped so beautifully. Thanks Art! Custom graphics with our New York City Sub Shop logo make our SUP’s the perfect pair.  Kelly

10′-4 STD SUP Noserider – Thank you! I have had two sessions on the board so far. Yesterday was awesome.  The board worked like a dream.  It performed much better than the Kings it replaced.  Super pleased.  I even got my fat body up on the nose.  Thank you both!  Thanks again for everything.  Paul

9′-0″ 2+1 Longboard – been putting the new 9’0 through it’s paces at several different lineups during these back to back to back south swells we’ve been getting the past two weeks.  You nailed the rocker – handles late drops on overhead sets with ease, carves on rail, holds in on the nose well, great amalgam of a HPLB and nose rider.  Might consider offering it as a model, it’s that good.  Nice work, mate!  Lance

7′-9″ Quad – I picked up my board Saturday and was able to test it out in PC.  There was a fair amount of swell and some wind and chop so conditions were close to what I had in mind with the board design.  I sat on the peak near or north of the ramp and was able to pick off maybe ten decent waves in the couple of feet overhead range I’d guess.  Maybe a few a bit bigger and a few a bit smaller.  The board paddles well and bites on the take off really nice.  It is a little narrower than I was thinking but I actually like that.  It’s fast and the concave worked really well dampening the bumpy faces.  Super solid construction and good weight distribution.  I’ll need to try it out in some bigger surf but I think it is going to be a really good design.  Especially for the spot I had in mind when I ordered it.  Thanks guys.  I recommend North Pacific boards all the time down here on the South Coast and will likely be ordering something else in the near future.  Loren